adjective | /a’ʧipikʊ
different from all others of the same type
synonyms: unusual, non-typical, uncommon, unconventional, divergent

Founded in 2014 as a personal chef company by Matteo Pertoldi, ÁTIPICO gained visibility in Singapore through inspiring collaborations with countless affectionate clients, embassies and luxury brands.

The company has since expanded its activity to a modern click-and-go retail, creating unique and memorable food experiences. ÁTIPICO proposes a curated, poliedric selection of items exclusively produced in-house; creations that are 100% artisanal, addictive and beautiful.

The team’s expertise stretches from fine patisserie to artisan bread – the panettone being the epitome of ÁTIPICO’s meticulous craftsmanship.

Matteo and his team have conceived an extensive range of soulful savoury dishes to be delivered as a KIT for an enticing dinner at home or catered as a bespoke Bento for a business luncheon or a stylish occasion.

Not to forget the made-to-measure hampers to celebrate special milestones. Enchanting moments ÁTIPICO prides to be part of.

Details make the difference. ÁTIPICO believes in the artistry of a seductive presentation and the value of an impeccable service to enhance the flavours. ÁTIPICO’s dedicated team thrives on passion and love for excellence, with the common aim to provide clients with an experience to remember.

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Mon to Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: Closed

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