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TES is Singapore’s #1 specialist in Traded Endowment Policies, respected for honesty, professionalism and transparency. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the financial industry and we’re proud to have the happiest Traded Endowment team in Singapore!

Our years of hands-on investment management and financial advisory have confirmed that traded endowments are one of today’s most attractive investments options for portfolio diversification in Singapore. That’s why we’ve chosen to be 100% focused on Traded Endowment investments in Singapore!

Our pool of Grade A traded endowment and life insurance policies are procured from individual policy holders who do not wish to continue with their policies. Depending on the remaining tenure of the policy you purchase, you can look forward to healthy 7% annualised returns!

When you buy over one of these policies, you’re investing in policies which are free from front-loaded distribution costs (i.e., agency fees). You will receive a full cash pay-out from the insurer once the policy matures or the insured person passes away.

Come meet our happy team and find out for yourself why astute, knowledgeable and wise Singaporeans trust us and choose TES Singapore as their preferred professional intermediary for traded endowment plans in Singapore!

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